When purchasing a puppy/dog/stud service from TITAN KENNELS, I SWEAR AND AGREE that my puppy/dog will not be used for any illegal purposes that violate the 1976 Animal Welfare Act or any state or federal laws. In no moment or time during my conversations and communications, did TITAN KENNELS talk about any illegal activities. I, the buyer, was told NOT to engage into any illegal activities, and that TITAN KENNELS is AGAINST dog fighting and animal abuse. I was advised to respect all federal and state laws concerning animal welfare. The puppy/dog I am purchasing will either be a pet, breeding stock, or used for conformation shows, weight pulling, or boar hunting (if allowed in the state I reside). I, the buyer am responsible for any doings of my pup/dog from this date _______________. The seller, TITAN KENNELS is not responsible in any way for anything that this pup/dog may do, including a dog bite to a person or animal.

Also, I the buyer agree not to sell this pup/dog or it’s descendants to someone who might fight these dogs. The Seller, TITAN KENNELS promotes only the positive side of the APBT and the positive usage of the breed.

I also agree that my dog will receive the proper care and nutrition a healthy dog requires. By this I mean that my pup/dog will get his/her yearly vaccinations. I was informed that my pup/dog was sold as is. The pup/dog has received the proper vet care and nutrition while being owned by TITAN KENNELS and I agree to continue with the care of my dog/pup while in my possession.


Name: __________________________ Birth Date: _______________________      Sex: _________



Name (please print): __________________________ Phone Number: ________________________ Address: ___________________________

City: ___________________ State: _____________

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms of purchase: