Improving Reproductive Capabilities of Brood Females 


Always begin by looking at nutrition if you are having issues. It is important to address the smaller micronutrient profile.  

There is only one pet food made specifically for pregnancy. It improves micronutrient profile.  

Royal Canine HT 42D 

Recommended before heat cycle to the 42nd day of pregnancy. It works for dogs who are not cycling and for dogs who have fertility issues.  

It is rich in Folic acid, DHA, Tyrosine, and Beta Caratine while improving development of uterus, the growth of follicles of eggs, and the formation of embryo, etc… 

After the 42nd day of pregnancy. Any puppy or performance diet is sufficient. 

 Other important nutrients: 

-Carbohydrates The brood female will need carbohydrates for puppy devolvement and is required for the production of milk when lactating. Avoid raw and grain free diets which can cause issues due to calcium/phosphorus imbalance.   

Folic Acid-Feed 6-weeks prior to pregnancy until day 40 @5 mg per dog daily 

B Vitamins– Improves the quality and frequency of heat cycles.  

Calcium-Required to have appropriate uterine contractions. 

Below is a list of 10 supplements for owners wishing to do all that they can:
Prenatal Vitamin
Alpha lipoic acid
Vitamins C E D
Myo inositol
N Acetylchsteine



Fendbendazole (10%)- panacure 

Administer for 5 weeks daily at 1ml per 4lbs.  

Give 3 weeks prior to birth and 2 weeks after. 

If the brood female has ever had parasites, they will persist in her muscles. The stress of pregnancy re-activates the worms who then migrate into circulation and into the milk. They finally reach the placenta before traveling into pups. In this manner, the animal can have a negative fecal and still have pups with worms.  

Heart worm preventative is essential year round and even in northern states. 

3)Tick Borne Diseases 

Females can become ill during pregnancy or when they begin bleeding despite being asymptomatic previously. They can be tested for and can interrupt pregnancy. 

-Lyme Disease 




Mycoplasma-Doxycycline can improve fertility in these dogs. 


Annual boosters are important and can prevent issues after birthing puppies.  



-Bordetella – Use intra-nasal syringe free 3-way vaccine.  

-Lepto-bacterial. Can cause illness in pregnancy and kill puppies. 

-Canine Influenze Bi-Valent  

Which vaccine is safe during pregnancy? None 

5)Body Composition

 The backbone of the canine should not be showing regardless of belly size.  

Diet and composition should not change when we begin breeding. There should be a continuation of appropriate food. The rib cage should feel like the palm (smooth) rather than the knuckles.